Wednesday, July 8, 2020


Part 1 

How I ruined Independence Day

Fri. July 3, 2020: I opted out of making a quick trip,with Todd, to the cabin to restart the web-cam and instead set about cleaning the house in anticipation of 
The 4th of July.  
As the morning went by, I noticed that I had a weird ache in the roof of my mouth, and with my tongue I located a lump. 
    Once the floors were mopped, I showered and brushed my teeth..But when the toothpaste contacted my mouth, the sensation of burning was intolerable. 
     Using a flashlight, I saw the back of my throat covered in white spots and my tongue was covered in gross thick dry, white patches.  OMG! Strep Throat! 

4 pm. Hunter Medical Center. Parking slot #3. "Tele-med" conference with the Doctor. 
After a quick visit, a nurse, dressed in full medical gear, came out to swab test for Strep and Covid19.   20 minutes. Covid = negative.  Strep = negative.
Based on my symptoms the Doc knew I had some sort of bacterial infection and prescribed amoxicillin.   4th of July is cancelled! 

Over the the next 3 days, It got worse and I got worse. Developing an endless fever/sweat/chill routine, I was unable to swallow, unable to eat, unable to drink, unable to sleep, unable to stay awake. I was unable to be nice to anyone...on or offline. 
By Monday evening (July 6), the white spots had turned to dense clusters of red pinpointed prickly spots and my tongue was painful and had the texture of dry tree-bark.  From my lips to the back of my mouth it felt as though I was drowning in dry red-pepper. 

Today is Wednesday July 8th,  I am finally feeling on the mend. My throat is still red and my tongue is still sore, my ears incessantly itch and my voice is basically gone. But, with each passing dose of amoxicillin life gets a little better and my overall fear of dying is waning. 

Part 2: Contact Tracing

We are in the midst of a global viral pandemic. 
Q: Where did I catch Strep? 
 A: At the Bank Drive-thru.
June 30th:  While the bank I put their pen in my mouth so I could pry the lid off and sign a receipt. 

ewwww yuck

July 8th:  The pen lid is still sitting where I spit it out, on the front passenger seat of my car. 
The incubation for Strep is 1-5 days
Of course I could have picked it up somewhere else, bacteria is EVERYWHERE!  

Stay Safe
Stay Healthy
Stay Home
- Susan

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Corina, Corina, Gal, where you been so long?

Two!!  my goodness she grew!

One is fun! 2017

Welcome to our family!
We will love you forever!

August 29, 2016

Thursday, July 14, 2016

growing up...tooo fast!!!

Adventurous Eleven 2019    

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Eight is GREAT!  2016

7...good heavens..SEVEN! 2015
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ONE year old!  2009

Monday, June 29, 2015

 Cooling off on a triple digit day is easy at grandmas.