Sunday, January 5, 2014

2014 List #1

I am sure Facebook is the reason I stopped blogging. Facebooking is way easier. 2014 will be different.

On Facebook I get to have a family list, a work-friend list, a high-school friend list, a list for Todd's friends, a list for my children's friends. 

If someone does not neatly fit in any of those categories, I put them either on my close friends list or into my restricted list. I have 244 friends and label more than half of them as restricted  ...go figure?

 There are some very annoying people on Facebook, including myself. I am sure I am sitting on many a "friend's" restricted list. My oldest (living) brother actually unfriended me (gasp).  When asked about it (face to face), he told me I am too "political"... obviously he doesn't know that the "restricted" list is a much kinder, gentler way to say, “hey lil'sis, you are a liberal and you suck".

Four things on Facebook that suck:
2013-03-12-imag0927.jpg1.)  Snapshots of food suck. Just because dinner smells good, tastes delish and everyone in the fam-damn loves it, doesn't mean it will come off that way in a photo on Facebook. Rule of thumb:  If there is a ceiling fan reflection in your bowl of noodles, it will not be a flattering picture. Candy Crush sucks! I have been stuck on level 169 for over a week. Seriously Candy Crush designers, how can you be so evil? Level 169 is impossible! ...Completing three orders, earning 45,000 points and fighting columns of chocolate fans is just too much for 35 moves. It is impossible and it sucks.

photo (1)3.) Political Memes suck. I understand, (read it on Facebook) that all political memes are generated in third-world meme factories owned primarily by RNC, Fox News, NRA, or one of Koch Brother PACs. All political memes have the same message..."If Obama likes it, we hate it (a lot)."
Cat bath

4.) Endless "Cute Cat" pictures Suck! (no, no, not your cat, but everyone else (besides your cat) have sucky cats, but your cat(s) is/are adorable).

On a more positive note, I do like "shaming pictures" and this one I created today. Photo

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Monday, December 27, 2010

mis-shaped pieces of glass

Todd's mom gave us a handmade kaleidoscope for Christmas. I love it.  I haven't played with one for decades and admittedly, I am as fascinated with this toy today as I was when I was 10.  It is its simplicity that holds my attention.

Slowly turning it around and around, watching as its mis-shaped pieces of colored glass tumble over top one another. Illuminated and reflected it creates an endless flow of spectacular beauty. Forever.

Dignity... Father: 91 yrs old, passing away in July.
Inspiration... Mother: 90 yrs old, writing a book.
Pride... Son: 23 yrs old,  serving in the US NAVY
Persistence.. Son: 24 yrs old, attending SUU and making it on his own.
Maturity...Son: 26 yrs old,  working hard, long hours to provide for his family.
Joy... Granddaughter: 2 yrs old,  Dancing. Singing. Twirling into my heart.
Ambition... Daughter in law: 25 yrs old, bursting with creativity and talent.
Devotion... Husband: 50 yrs old, on call 24/7 .
Tragedy... Brother in Law: 46 yrs old,  passing away with cancer.
Sadness... Family: struggling with the loss of loved ones. 
Comfort...Friends: old, new and renewed.
Loyalty... Dog: 12 yrs old, always anxiously waiting for my attention.
Predictability... Cat: 10 yrs old, curling up nightly at the foot of my bed.
Desire... Me: 50 yrs old, beginning grad- school. 

There is one thing for certain, whatever comes tumbling into view during 2011 will be breathtaking.

Monday, April 26, 2010

man and the moon

All we need now,
is a cow.
To jump over it.
Todd captured this beauty about 90 seconds ago from our backyard.